European Project Workshops

5 Workshops in the Partner Countries took place.

In April 2012 the first workshop under the direction of Athanasios Voulas and Nicolaos Raptakis from eniochos.CONSULTING took place in Crete. Afterwards, the workshop in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, took place in June 2012. The Bulgarian partner organization Industrie und Handelskammer Gabrovo was represented by the managing directors Galina Mihneva and Darina Baycheva. The third workshop in Vicenza (Italy) was implemented by our Italian project partner from EUROCUTURA under the direction of Bernd Faas. This was followed by the workshop in Bocholt, Germany in January 2013. It was organized by Mrs Schmeinck from EWIBO Bocholt. The workshop in Barcelona, Spain took place in March 2013 under the direction of Mrs Pongiluppi i Ascon. The last workshop was the one in Ungary, which also took place in March 2013 under the direction of Mrs Nagy.

Our special thanks go to our partners that have successfully implemented the workshops in their countries. Events like this need – besides a good organization – mainly individuals that take responsibility and become active and that’s what you have done! We – the employees of Ruhr-University Bochum and our colleague Johan Vos from Actíva B.V. – experienced a very warm welcome in the context of the workshops. Thanks to working together as a team and showing a lot of passion, the workshops have become a success – with a very personal touch.

Downloads and Photos

Workshop in Greece:

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Workshop in Italy:

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Workshop in Bulgaria:

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Workshop in Germany

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Workshop in Spain: